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I Retract my Statement

29 Oct

We have found Ben Sutton. That is right, we have found him, the search is over. Thank you all for your hard work.


Mr. Benjamin Sutton

29 Oct

We know you are out there, Ben Sutton. I’ve met you before, Ben Sutton. For God’s sake, is there not one place on the Internet where I can find your email?

Anybody else have his email, please send it to me.

Does anybody know this man?

28 Oct

THIS GUY. If anybody knows him or finds him, please sling me his contact information so we can get in touch with him. He lives around here, we know that, we just don’t know WHO he is.

It is our bus. We hope.

28 Oct

Here it is. It says $3700 OBO. At the moment we have spoken with the owner of the bus, Grant, and it seems for a down payment of around $1000, he will let us have the bus on an extended payment plan. An extended payment plan with money that we don’t have (yet). This is where the public interest comes in, and we need public donations, corporate donations, anything any of you readers can throw at us.



25 Oct

We’ve been debating for a while now over what kind of graphics the bus should have. So now its up to the community.

The Season is ON!

25 Oct

It has begun, my friends. The season has begun and is soon to be in full swing. Mt. Hood got 3 feet the other day, Sunday River is officially open, Loveland, Heavenly, and A-Basin are now open, and CO got like 2 feet. On Saturday the Forum F’It premier came to Appalachian State University up in Boone. High-profile, my friends. We are going mainstream.


18 Oct

We are now on PayPal. It might say Taylor Burns, but just because it requires a real name. Send funds in any amount that you may wish. I’m not exactly sure how PayPal works, but the name is Taylor Burns, the email used for it is If you do send, please send me an email saying your name and amount donated so that you may be recognized officially.

So close.

18 Oct

We found a bus. A nice bus. Clean, low mileage, and most of all, CHEAP. Now we’re trusting ya’lls to give us some moolah.

So. We’re kinda broke.

14 Oct

Oh noes.

Well, we have officially come to the realization of the main problem we face: money. Or more so the fact that we have nearly none. So, we have decided that to increase the amount of liquid in our coffers, we are going to have a fundraiser! But don’t get too excited, our fundraiser isn’t going to be an awesome charity “donate now or I jump off a bridge” thing that guilts you into donating. Nor are we doing a bake sale, since all of us are too lazy to actually make something to sell. We are going to be selling the pretty silicone bracelets that it seems everybody has or makes these days. These come in a variety of colors and 3 sizes from Reminderband, and will be debossed (engraved lettering) with the phrase HillBilly Express. For now, we will only be selling them in the community and school, but we may later branch out with a web store. Soon we also plan on opening a PayPal account for easy donation.

Any ideas on how we can make money? Put ’em in the comments belooow.

EDIT: 20 minutes later. We made a poll!

If you say “no” please leave a comment saying why

The First.

10 Oct

So this is the first post. First of all, I want to thank all of our sponsors for contributing so that this project is going to be able to happen.  I want to thank CCTL and Mrs. Loudermilt for letting us do such an ambitious project. Most of all I want to use this first post to say that this whole thing is about fun. Fun, and as Thomas Jefferson said, “the pursuit of happiness.” That’s what we’re all about. Doing this for the fun, and to contribute to the community.