So. We’re kinda broke.

14 Oct

Oh noes.

Well, we have officially come to the realization of the main problem we face: money. Or more so the fact that we have nearly none. So, we have decided that to increase the amount of liquid in our coffers, we are going to have a fundraiser! But don’t get too excited, our fundraiser isn’t going to be an awesome charity “donate now or I jump off a bridge” thing that guilts you into donating. Nor are we doing a bake sale, since all of us are too lazy to actually make something to sell. We are going to be selling the pretty silicone bracelets that it seems everybody has or makes these days. These come in a variety of colors and 3 sizes from Reminderband, and will be debossed (engraved lettering) with the phrase HillBilly Express. For now, we will only be selling them in the community and school, but we may later branch out with a web store. Soon we also plan on opening a PayPal account for easy donation.

Any ideas on how we can make money? Put ’em in the comments belooow.

EDIT: 20 minutes later. We made a poll!

If you say “no” please leave a comment saying why

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  1. YoBeat: Making Fun of Snowboarding Since 1997 » Get On Board with the Hillbilly Express - October 14, 2010

    […] Apparently after we lovingly gave shit to the last guys with this idea, they thought hitting us up might be a good idea. For the record, they are already working with the Portland-based Grease Bus, but cannot use the name for insurance reasons. Obviously if there was a grease-option in every region that would be amazing so we are very excited about this little project! We’re trying to do our part by helping get the word out, and you can do yours by checking out the blog and maybe even donating a little cash. […]

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