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23 Nov

I would like to take this time to talk about something serious: The TSA and the threats they pose to us as Americans.

Read this:


So. You’ve read that, and now it makes quite a bit of sense that the TSA is doing all of this, and accomplishing nothing.


Further Sadness.

23 Nov

So. Appalachian Ski Mountain’s official release at the moment is that they are going to be opening this Saturday. From what I can see, with current snowfall and snowmaking conditions (read: none), they are going to be lucky to open by the 59th Anniversary Weekend, December 4 and 5.

In other news, the measly white lane of death that used to be available for use at Cataloochee and Sugar is now completely gone. If it isn’t, few brown slushy patches remain.

And Wolf and Beech have done and still are seeming to do nothing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you won a million dollars what would you do with it?

22 Nov

If we had a million dollars, forget one bus. We would have a FLEET of completely overhauled buses loaded with 4 wheel drive, state of the art grease kits, full audio/visual setups, custom paint, chrome everywhere, etc. etc. Countrywide corporation, big deal. And we would still keep the 10-dollar ride price.

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Would you rather be rich or famous?

22 Nov

How about we take that one step at a time. Rich, to build up the bus, and then the fame would come naturally along with that. Think about it: you would be hard-pressed nowadays to find a snowboarder who doesn’t know about the Greasebus up in the Northwest.

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22 Nov

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A Sad Day.

18 Nov

Yesterday, Appalachain Ski Mountain released the official report of what we all already knew and dreaded: they would not be opening on the scheduled opening day. The resort had stayed optimistic, and did not make their standpoint official that they would not be opening tomorrow until yesterday. In other news, the snowpack laid down recently by Ski Sugar and Cataloochee is dwindling, with not even enough rideable patches at Sugar, and a constantly narrowing trail at Cataloochee. The season started strong, but is dying now. We just have to wait for the right temperatures and enough of the natural stuff to fall to be able to ride.

Here’s the links, should you wish to see:

Opening Day Information

Appalachain Ski Mountain Cam

Ski Sugar Cam

Cataloochee Cam

Very depressing at the current moment. However, at the time of publishing this, Ski Sugar has temperatures appropriate for being able to blow snow, in the mid 30s with low humidity.

Who Says Snowboarders Aren’t Deep?

12 Nov

Snowboarders, for the most part, are looked upon by society as deviants and miscreants, and all around the spawn of Satan set about to terrorize mountain towns and trash apres bars. Well, we aren’t, as this forum thread shows.

Make sure to read both pages, and read all of the posts. ALL OF THEM, even the long, 7 paragraph essay.


So, second year running, NC opens before NY.

8 Nov

So. The season down here is official, and the NC shred scene is gearing up for another winter. Cataloochee and Sugar opened this past weekend, with the rest of the resorts soon to follow.

For the second year running that I’m aware of, North Carolina resorts are opening before the ones in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and whatever states you want to lump into that statement. (I have not fact-checked any of these statements. Don’t get up in my grillz if they aren’t true.)

So that’s how its going down for all ya’ll who care to check the links. If you didn’t, I will inform you that it is going down EPICALLY. Please vote.

It goes well.

5 Nov

For the most part, things have been going well for the past week. Slow, but well, with really nothing new to report. Anybody have anything interesting to say or share, contact: