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Another Wet Weekend

18 Dec


Dammit. Of course, the mountains are getting dumped on again, and we aren’t up there. And of course, its just wet here. If we had the bus we would be doing runs today, and tomorrow, and every weekend, and (you get the idea) etc.



10 Dec

The term “desperate” fails to describe the hole we are in right now. No money, our sponsors will rarely talk to us, no bus, and a whole semester of work with nothing to show for it but a whole slew of emails, a daily journal of our progress, and this blog.

So now the various teachers and administrators in charge of us are breathing down our necks because we’ve had this whole semester and we physically have nothing. If I printed all the stuff on the net, there would most likely be over a hundred pages solid of emails and this blog and that journal, but they want solid, actual proof that something is going on here and we are actually going to have a tangible product.

What we really need is a single big benefactor. Or someway to get money. Various ideas have been floating around, such as selling our plasma. Or a really rich person like Warren Buffet or Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg to come buy and drop us the $10,000 or so. Maybe…just maybe that could actually happen. If I find the right way.

Maybe they were right though. My teachers, my parents, all the other students and whoever said we couldn’t do this. Perhaps its just time to give up, and stop pretending to be a big grown-up business man and realize that I’m just a student, and this is way too ambitious.







On second thought, I am WAY too busy to give up. and this project has so much promise.

I don’t have time for giving up. Maybe my schedule will open up next week.

Getting hammered.

8 Dec

The mountains are getting hammered, not us. Today basically all of the mountain county/High Country schools were closed, and in addition to the copious amounts of fresh white stuff, the mountains are also taking advantage of the temperatures and blowing to get down a nice thick base layer to be able to be riding well into spring.

Opening Weekend

3 Dec

So. Appalachian Ski Mountain opens today, and here I am stuck in school all the way down in the Piedmont. Whoever is up there, I am watching you on the slopecam, and how I do envy you. I’ll be up Sunday, I’ve said that before, but also we would like to share a recent development with the bus.

We have been thinking, and as it seems, a good idea for the bus would be solar panels to charge batteries and heat the oil in the auxiliary tanks. It would improve the bus efficiency, and allow for a larger and more powerful stereo system.

Opening on Anniversary Weekend

2 Dec

So for the second year in a row, Appalachian Ski Mountain is opening not only on their Anniversary Weekend, but before Hunter Mountain in the wonderful (northern) state of New York. This week’s cold snap has just blown in, giving perfect conditions to blow constantly. It will only get colder in the hills from today, with the expected forecast for Sunday to be cloudy, windy, snowy, and FREEZING with a high of 23. A perfect day to have the Rome SDS Premature Jibulation contest!

We will be on the mountain Sunday, along with many other students from the school. If you look, I’ll be wearing a tie-dye shirt and gray pants.