The Crew

Taylor Burns


Role: Group Mastermind, Press Liaison

My brother and I came up with the original idea for the whole bus thing. We recruited the rest of the crew, and each of them has their own specialty that they can bring to the project. We really want to see this happen. Me especially.

Morgan Burns


Role: PR, Co-Conspirator

Um, yeah. Me and Taylor had this idea a while back ago when we first moved down here and learned about Greasebus. What we are doing now is using the opportunity we have been given here to try and make our idea come true. My job specifically is to update our Twitter and WordPress accounts, as well as contact companies about sponsorship.

Erik Crowder


Role: Marketing, Fundraising, “Lawyer” (I find the loopholes and exceptions)

I was the first person to jump on board with the two listed above. As soon as they came to me about the idea I said yes. I loved the sound of the project and wanted to help however I could. Also, since I am aspiring to be a mechanical engineer I figured I could pick up some experience in the process of helping my community.

Nicholas Holt


Role: Graphic Design, Minor Mechanical Knowledge

When the 3 guys came to me with their idea and proposition, I loved it. Using my access to commercial quality graphics design and printing products, I’m going to be able to help outfit the bus and crew with custom vehicle decals in full color digital printing and whatnot. I’ve got some really creative ideas that I can put to use with this project.

Jeremy Birch


Role: Mechanical and Technical Expertise

I heard about the whole project on accident while sitting between Nick and Taylor during class. It sounded neat, and when I asked them about it and they explained it to me, it sound really cool. Being an amateur stock car driver, I have a level of automotive and mechanical expertise that will be able to make this bus run like it is brand new.


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